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-Various Move Alterations-
– Burst Mode: Fixes a glitch that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after attacking
– Bone Rush ~ Downward Swing Follow-up: Combo damage has been increased
– Forward Strong Attack: Reduces the ease of Guard Break
– Volt Shock Fist: Increases length of time allowed for opponent to block
– Nuzzle: Changes the stall time that meant you were unable to grab the Pokémon
Low Stance Strong Attack: Shortens stall time with first hit to allow opponent a chance to block
– Backward Weak Attack: Increased damage and speed of Gardevoir
– Icicle Crash ~ Signal Slash: Increased stall time
– Weak Attack ~ Strong Attack Follow-up: Increased distance the opponent is pushed back when they guard
– Midair Weak Attack: Reduces stall time given to opponents when they guard
– Air Slash: Increase in hitbox size to fix a problem of the move mission
– Synergy Burst: Duration reduced
– Shadow Punch: Increase in hitbox size to fix a problem of the move mission
– Low Stance Weak Attack: Reduces stall time
– Midair Weak Attack: Increased part of the long-range attack
– Burst Attack: No longer causes Guard Break
Pikachu Libre
– Low Stance Strong Attack: Makes it easier to avoid follow-up attack
– Synergy Burst: Duration reduced
– High Stance Weak Attack: Combo damage has been decreased
-Bullet Seed: Increases speed of growth
– Strong Attack ~ Charge: Reduces ease to Guard Break
– Charge Strong Attack: Reduces duration of bad status to match length of opponent’s bad status
– Forward Strong Attack: Increased base damage
– Side Ranged Attack: Lowers movement speed
-Flame Charge: Increases avoidance performance
– Strong Attack: Allows for combos when the second hit hits a grounded opponent
– Burst Attack: Fixes a glitch that causes Support Pokémon to be unable to be called after attacking
– Fire Spin (Normal, Charge, Enhanced, and Enhanced Charge): Reduces the ease to Guard Crash
– Backward Ranged Attack (Normal and Charge): Reduces the ease to Guard Crash
– Light Screen: When switching to Sunny Day, Braixen has been fixed to allow for jumping
– Stone Edge: Increases time to counter attack after the move has been blocked
– Counter Attack: Makes it easier to grab airborne opponents
– Backward Strong Attack: Alters time for the opponent to block
– Low Stance Strong Attack: Alters time for counter attacks
– Burst Attack: Altered so the opponent cannot stop guarding after the first hit
– Dig: Altered to hit against opponents in Synergy Burst
– Drain Punch: Increased the Synergy Gauge increase with the hit
– Burst Attack: Shortened invincible time when the move misses
– Pokémon Attacks: Increases the amount drained from the Synergy Gauge when moves used
– Barrier: Timing slowed down
– Confusion: Increases chances for opponents to guard.
– Forward Ranged Attack: Lowers the reach of the move.
– Backward Ranged Attack: Slows the move and allows it to be stopped by Pokémon Attacks.
– Homing Attack: Reduces number of hits in the second stage.
– Counter Attack: Fixes the point at which the Synergy Gauge is decreased.
Shadow Mewtwo
– Recover: Decreases stall time.
– Thunder: Allows for combos when opponent is hit while airborne.
– Backward Ranged Attack: Increases opponent stall time when they’re hit while airborne
— Easier to switch into Miracle Eye
– Backward Ranged Attack ~ Miracle Eye: Increases opponent stall time when they’re hit
– Back Step: Shortens time to allow to do any attack or call Support Pokémon.
– Synergy Burst Counter Attack: Allows a combo
– Psywave: Vortex: Increases HP reduction
— Reduces damage obtained during guard.
– Miracle Eye: Increases HP reduction
– Earthquake: Increases likelihood of being blocked
– Jumping Ranged Attack: Increases stall time
— Alters timing of move to allow for opponent to more easily dodge
– Homing Attack: Reduces number of hits in the second stage
– Synergy Burst: Duration reduced
– Psywave: Vortex: Fixes an issue when used straight after Synergy Burst
Support Pokemon
Snivy – Leaf Tornado: Increases Base Damage
Croagunk – Toxic: Increases the damage done at guard and decreases recoverable HP of opponent
Magneton – Tri Attack:Increases base damage
Quagsire – Mud Bomb: Reduces distance the opponent is pushed back when they guard
Diglett – Dig: Decreases base damage. Reduces ease of Guard Break
Yveltal – Oblivion Wing: Allows for combos when it hits airborne opponents
Latios – Luster Purge: Delays the recovery of Support Gauge. Reduces ease of Guard Break
Cresselia – Lunar Dance: Prevents Pokémon being invincible when called
This update is required for your game to go online.



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