We would like to present you a new series of articles to our Smash fans all over Europe. The second team we would like to present you is Belgium.

Belgium Smash Bros Ultimate ESCI team

Now we travel in the center of the Europe to Belgium. Their Smash scene is well known to the European scene with great players like Dia, L-T, Yiazmat Goth.

The ESCI line up for the team is:

Belgium line up of ESCI players
  • “Dia” PR1
  • “Yiazmat_Goth” PR 3
  • “Nibodax” PR 5
  • “Xetroz” PR 6
  • “Sacha” PR 8
  • “Mamoru” PR 10
  • “Teminian” Not Ranked
  • “Gulbutron” Not Ranked
  • “Powarman” Not Ranked
  • “Ontos” Not Ranked
  • TO Electric
  • Captain L-T

Belgium best players presentation

Belgium Power Rank 2019

Belgium considered as the gatekeepers of the European Smash Rank. Their players are of exceptional skill but they haven’t yet broke into the ranks yet.

Their most prominent players are Dia, L-T and Yiazmat Goth.

Dia is a Super Smash Bors Ultimate Peach main from Belgium, considered as the best Peach player there and among the best in the whole country. He has taken sets off of S1LancelotWhoopheeOgeyLeonAnragon, and Yiazmat Goth. He is currently ranked 1st Belgium Ultimate Power Rankings.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Dia mained Sheik, even though he switched to Shulk for a brief period of time. He was ranked 7th on the last iteration of Belgium Smash 4 Power Rankings.

L-T is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Snake main. He mains R.O.B. and Snake in BrawlMega Man in Smash 4, and Snake in Ultimate. He has taken sets off of TagOtakuniEddyTriMYattaAgitogulbutron, and Yiazmat Goth in Ultimate. He is ranked 1st in Ultimate and ended Smash 4 with a 4th place on the Belgium Power Rankings.

Yiazmat Goth is a top Belgian Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player. He mains Mewtwo and Meta Knight in Smash 4, boasting strong secondaries like Mr. Game and Watch, and Ridley and Piranha Plant in Ultimate, again with a Mr. Game and Watch secondary. He most notably had a win over Glutonny in Smash 4, and has taken sets off of EnkiGriffithDiaMagnetSnixxZHT, and DynaStyle in Ultimate. He was considered the best Smash 4 player in Belgium for an extended period of time, and is still considered to be one of the best up until the end of the game. He is ranked 3rd in Ultimate. Yiazmat Goth is also ranked 44th on the European Smash 4 Power Rankings.

Nibodax is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bayonetta player from Belgium. He is currently ranked 5th on the Belgium Power Rankings and has defeated players such as Loading…Yiazmat GothJoeShuCXetroz, and Ramses.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Nibodax was also a Bayonetta player. He is ranked 2nd on the Belgium Power Rankings and has defeated players such as Purple~HPatrino, Yiazmat Goth, KlemenzAntireflex, and Yikarur.

Xetroz is a 19 years old Super Smash Bros Ultimate player. His best placings are 3rd at hypest monthly 9, 9th at Tax Deluxe 1 (NL), 4th at Salty arena S3 #2 (France), 25th at brussels challenge major edition His online achievements are loads of 9th and 13ths at EU bootcamp tourneys. He mostly don’t play Greninja there and he tends to choose characters like snake, sonic and Zelda, He compete in smash because the variety of matchups and characters there are.

As he say’s

There is definitely one character that 100% clicks with you and it offers you a way to express yourself with your own playstyle! I have goals for the game and will do all I have to get far!


Most notable wins are probably : Dia (#1BE) Bilibo (#4BE) Nishinoma (FR) Otek (LUX) Nibodax (#5 BE)[10:01 ΜΜ]ah and currently #6 in Belgium

A clever way to present your power rank team and create hype as well

Online warriors not ranked yet

The last category is saved for the upcoming players that are not ranked yet in the offline power rank. This people are most common known as online secret bosses. Belgium is sure to hide their secret weapons well. Not ranked players like Teminian is a well know online villager main. Let us see what the other players can do as well.

Hypest Team, the first of Belgium’s tournaments

Hypest team is the organizer of Hypest Meltdown Challenge tournament series

Hypest team is the organizer of Smashbox, Inheritance, the Hypest Meltdown Challenge tournament series and many more. Hypest team began their humble beginnings with the series Smashbox where they started hosting cross tournaments of Melee & Smash 4. As time evolved, they kept running events with the Belgian scene, assisting the community in its growth. They are currently hosting the Hypest Meltdown Challenge where they host Ultimate tournaments & Melee tournaments monthly! They decided to host local tournaments and their goal has always been growing the community, making it stronger and have solid competition to present to the rest of Europe. When they started up back in 2015, there was practically no smash scene in Belgium.

You can reach them if you click on the following links:

HypestTeam Website
HypestTeam Twitter
HypestTeam Facebook
SmashBrosBelgium Twitter
SmashBrosUltimateBelgium Twitter
SmashBrosUltimateBelgium YouTube
SmashBrosUltimateBelgium Twitch
SmashBrosUltimateBelgium Discord

Belgium’s reason for participating in ESCI

Electric is the founder of Hypest team. That’s what he has to say about Belgium participation on ESCI:

We want an opportunity to prove Belgium is a solid scene with players that deserve top rankings within the not only the EU scene, but worldwide. We hope that this tournament can show our strength to the world.

Electric – Ambassador of Smashbros in Belgium

We have the honor to write an article about the Smash Belgium team that is participating in the biggest European National Invitational that is organized by Nintendo Next and SmashCore.

Let us all enjoy a display of high level play from the Belgium ESCI team.

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