We would like to present you a new series of articles to our Smash fans all over Europe. The first team we would like to present you is Norway.

Norway Smash Bros Ultimate ESCI team

From the northern part of the European continent we present you the best Smash players Norway has to offer.

The team line up is:

Norway’s final line up for the Crew Battle
  • “Lunner” PR 8
  • “J” PR 7
  • “Ton” PR 6
  • “FriskyCissin” PR 10
  • “Maroof” PR 13
  • “Tredq” PR 15
  • “Torogami”
  • “Kire42”
  • “Nezoxy”
  • “Devolan”
  • TOs: Lunner Captain: Lunner

Norway best players presentation

Norway Power Rank

There most well known players in the European scene are Whoophee and WiiASE which are the prominent top players in the country since the Super Smash Bros for Wii U era.

Marlon “Whoophee” Ryan is a former Ultimate Richter now Wario main and Wii U Diddy Kong from Trondheim, Norway. He is considered to be one of the best Wii U players in the country with wins on players such as apertureFirePatrinoWiiASELancelot and Izaw. He is currently ranked 41st on the Smash Results Europe Rankings.

Anders “WiiASE” Edh is a Wii U Ryu and former Ultimate Bowser now a Terry main and Incineroar player from Norway. He is considered to be one of the best Wii U players in the country with wins on players such as RamsesSSBadr and Whoophee.

On November 19th, 2018 he left The Gatekeepers and joined Epiphany Bolt. On February 25th, 2018 he left Epiphany Bolt and joined Nordavind. He left Nordavind on February 26th, 2019.

We have a better quote from Tales which describes WiiASE better.

This power house from Norway has been a threat as far as I can think back, and was the first out of the country top players I ever saw live in action back in 2016 when he came to Germany.

While his historic arsenal of characters goes over Snake, Bowser, Palutena, Hero and Ike he has now found himself with a strong main in Terry Bogard.

With the release of Terry WiiASE has instantly skyrocketed towards the list of players the list of players you do not want to see in your bracket – rightfully so, after witnessing his games set against Gluto at Valhalla 3. A taste of his inevitable performances that are yet to come.


Since then the Norwegian Smash scene is growing every year presenting more player with high potential on their PR.

Lunner is placed 8th in the Norwegian power rank and he is one of the best Toon Link in Europe. He is the captain of the Norway team in this team battle.

J is also placed 7th in Norway’s best playing the Adult Link and it is a great opportunity to see more people from Europe playing the character on a high level.

Ton also placed 6th in the power rank optimizing characters that specialized in neutral like Lucina and Palutena is strong addition to the main team of Norway.

Last but not least on the top 10 power ranked played that is participating in the main team is FriskyCissin an Inkling and Pokemon Trainer player. We are excited to see how well he will perform in the first ESCI tournament.

Upcoming roster with a lot of potential

We have more players to present from the top 20 power rank of Norway as well.

Maroof is 13th and he mains the “Blue Bomber” Megaman which will add his power moves to help his team reach the top. An excellent addition for variety in the upcoming match ups against the other ESCI teams which Megaman is not so popular choice.

Tredq is placed 15th and the last powered ranked player in the top 20 of the country. He mains Joker and Palutena which are considered the top tier ranked character of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He is an upcoming new player in the Norwegian scene and ESCI will give him an opportunity to show his skill in a continental level.

Online warriors not ranked yet

The last category is saved for the upcoming players that are not ranked yet in the offline power rank. This people are most common known as online secret bosses. So what surprises Norway is hiding away with the rest of their line up is up for debate.

The only way to find out is to see Torogami, Kire42, Nezoxy, Devolan in action is the ESCI tournament stage to show us their true skill.

The biggest local tournament of the country

The biggest and hype tour in Norway

If you want to know more about Norway’s local scene you should visit their biggest event called “Vivaldi” series. They have four tournaments each year representing the four seasons. Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer.

More than a hundred participants are partaking place in the Smash tournaments and all the big players are duking it out for which is the best in the country. More info in their social media account linked below.

“Vivaldi” series Smash Bros Tournaments
Facebook Super Smash Bros Norway
Super Smash Bros Norway twitter

Norway’s reason for participating in ESCI

The best quote is saved for last when Lunner gave us the reason that they joined ESCI.

Norway joined because it’s a great opportunity to build and strengthen our relations with the other european smash communities.

Lunner captain and T.O of the Norway team of ESCI

We are honored that Norway is participating in our ESCI tournament and we are hoping to see the best show from their team.

Thank you again for joining ESCI.

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