Greek Nintendo community hub NintendoNext in association with its e-sports team Smashcore present ESCI. The first ever all European online Smash Bros crew battle tournament! The ESCI (European Smash Crew Invitational) is an unprecedented event in European Smash scene’s history. Literally hundreds of tournament organizers, media casters, e-sports commentators and players have come together in this effort amidst an arguably difficult period.

First lineup of 20 teams

This two-day event is co-hosted by big names in European Smash such as DAT team and Geeky Goon Squad. Virtually all Europe’s Smash Ultimate scenes are present. They will be pitted against each other in a crew battle format of 5 versus 5. Each team has a maximum of 10 players to choose from. The total number of participating teams (therefore countries) is 24(!) for a grand total of more than 220 players!!

The extra 4 countries who accepted the invitation / challenge

Despite Smash Ultimate’s online being notoriously bad, many countries have brought their “big weapons” at the front lines. What started as a “casual online brawl” has evolved into a “major melee” in this last weekend of June. From what is seems, the thirst for Smash since the global lockdown last March is sky-high. This has lead many to give their all in this online format.

Europe’s Finest

We are eagerly awaiting to see famous players like Gluttony, quiK, Light, Supahsemmie and vyQ duke it out. Everyone is here in this European Smash Crew Invitational! Which country will be the first ever Smash Ultimate online champion? Join the fun in this celebration!

Most international events are being either canceled or postponed. Most notably The Summer Olympic Games. This tournament is your best bet of international sports watching this summer!

Hopefully this will be the start of a new era of partnership for the European Smash community!

Finally lest not forget: #FixUltimateOnline

Check out more at:


Watch live on Saturday and Sunday 3pm GMT on Twitch:

Day 1 Schedule

3 Livestreams – Maximum Hype!


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